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Women on Wednesday

Women on Wednesday is a weekly noon-hour lecture series organized each semester by the Women’s Center that has become a signature program at St. Cloud State University. The goal of the program is to feature diverse women and their distinctive areas of expertise, which are figuratively and literally all over the map.  The topics we explore are as diverse as the women presenting them, but they address the political, economic, social and personal arenas that impact the status of women.

The 25-year old series originated as an informal brown bag lunch gathering and has evolved over the years to a more formal presentation-style series, bringing intelligent, savvy women from the local to the national level to speak to our campus community. The series is held in the Atwood Theatre in Atwood Memorial Center, from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. most Wednesdays throughout fall and spring semesters.  Admission is free and open to the public. 

The Women’s Center will celebrate 25 years on the campus of St. Cloud State University during the 2014/15 Academic Year.  The Women’s Center was born from activism of faculty, staff and students in direct and indirect ways and through persistence and passion for feminist-led social change.  Our mission to advance women and address gender inequity is accomplished in myriad ways, including advocacy (both individual and institutional), support services, educational programming, scholarships and systems change. Having an institutionally-supported office to help students (and employees) explore and address the ways in which gender influences every aspect of one’s life exists for only 18% of students at four-year universities and colleges in the U.S. It is in this context that the Fall 2014 Women on Wednesday series has been organized.

We explore the following questions: What are some of the most important issues that have impacted student’s lives in relationship to gender over the past 25 years?  What impact has the work of the Women’s Center had on individual students who worked, interned, volunteered or in some way affiliated with the Women’s Center?  What would St. Cloud State University look and be like without the Women’s Center. Who are some of our feminist leaders today?

The Women’s Center has hosted more than 750 women from all walks of life, areas of expertise, diverse identities and life experiences over the past 25 years.  There is no way to avoid the word “wow” upon reviewing the women who have presented and topics we’ve addressed.  Please join us at Women on Wednesday during the 2014/15 academic year as we continue to offer this unique and interesting forum for women’s voices.

Current Series

The Future of Gender Justice: Be the Difference!
Wednesdays, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m., Atwood Theatre

Wednesday, February 4

What’s Next? The LGBTQ Community Looks Forward

 There’s no debate that LGBT activism has forged significant change in U.S. society through marriage equality efforts and successes.  Add this national progress with Minnesota efforts to push for transgender rights in our high schools, coupled with anti-bullying in our schools through the Safe Schools Act passed in May 2014.  So, what’s next?  Data confirms that discrimination against the LGBT community still exists, which limits the options and freedoms available to LGBT people.  Movement visionaries continue to examine the intersections of race, ethnicity, economics, sex/gender, ability, religion and age as they commit to working together-versus singularly--to improve people’s lives.  Join us as we explore the future of LGBTQ activisms and social change!

Presenter:  Monica Meyer is the Executive Director of OutFront Minnesota, the leading state organization supporting LGBTQ rights (and co-founding organization of Minnesotans United for All Families, an electoral campaign that successfully defeated the proposed the constitutional amendment to limit the freedom to marry in 2012).  She has served as the Executive Director for 4 years and as Public Policy Director from 2001 to 2010. She is a founder of the Minnesota Safe Schools for All Coalition, an organization that was instrumental in getting the Safe & Supportive Minnesota Schools Act passed. Meyer is a 2014 recipient of the Women of The Year Award from the Minnesota Women’s Consortium and the 2013 Community Hero Award from the Family Equality Council.  She received her master’s degree in public policy from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota and her undergraduate degree from Hamline University.

Namisha Nagalia is a student at Occidental College majoring in psychology. She is an officer of the campus QSA (queer, straight alliance) and worked with Vote for Equality, a non-profit organization working to build LGBT political power and fight anti-LGBT prejudice. Nagalia has also volunteered at Take Action Minnesota.

Co-sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center



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