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Stereotypes and Soundbites: Re-imagining the Center of Political Discourse

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September 28, 2016

Muslim Women RISE:

Women account for 50% of the population but are grossly underrepresented in politics, the business sector, and in their communities’ leadership. Upon closer look, Muslim women are often hidden, lost or completely absent. And when Muslim women step up into leadership positions, they face a triple barrier with gender inequity, racial bias, and religious discrimination. This session examines how Muslim women are challenging the narrative, creating change, and transforming their communities.

Presenter: Nausheena Hussain is the co-founder and Executive Director of RISE – Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment. She is completing her American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute fellowship at the Studio/E entrepreneurial program and holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota. Hussain demonstrates her dedication to leadership development, increasing community engagement, and creating a philanthropic legacy for change through her numerous and impressive civic and social engagements.


 About the Program

Women on Wednesday is a weekly noon-hour lecture series organized each semester by the Women’s Center that has become a signature program at St. Cloud State University. The goal of the program is to feature diverse women and their distinctive areas of expertise, which are figuratively and literally all over the map.  The topics we explore are as diverse as the women presenting them, but they address the political, economic, social and personal arenas that impact the status of women.

The 27-year old series originated as an informal brown bag lunch gathering and has evolved over the years to a more formal presentation-style series, bringing intelligent, savvy women from the local to the national level to speak to our campus community. The free public series is in Atwood Theatre, Atwood Memorial Center, from noon to 1 p.m. most Wednesdays, during fall and spring semesters. 

The Women’s Center celebrated 25 years at St. Cloud State during the 2014-15 academic year.  The Women’s Center was born from activism of faculty, staff and students in direct and indirect ways and through persistence and passion for feminist-led social change.  Our mission to advance women and address gender inequity is accomplished in myriad ways, including advocacy (both individual and institutional), support services, educational programming, scholarships and systems change. Having an institutionally-supported office to help students (and employees) explore and address the ways in which gender influences every aspect of one’s life exists for only 18% of students at four-year universities and colleges in the U.S. 

The Women’s Center has hosted more than 750 women from all walks of life, areas of expertise, diverse identities and life experiences during the past 26 years.  There is no way to avoid the word “wow” upon reviewing the women who have presented and topics we’ve addressed.  Please join us at Women on Wednesday during the 2016/17 academic year as we continue to offer this unique and interesting forum for women’s voices.


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Feb. 3 Sex Trafficking 201: Dynamics of Prostitution and Sex Trafficking  
Feb. 10 Sport, Culture, Religion and Empowerment: Girls at the Center MP3
Feb. 24 Black Lives Matter: Perspectives from Minnesota's Activists and Organizers MP3
March 16 Leading for Change: Ending the Practice of Genital Cutting MP3
March 30 Stopping Rape: South African Student Activists Lead for Change MP3
April 13 Voices of Youth: High School Students as Community Uniters MP3
Women on Wednesday Recordings - Fall 2015
Sept. 16 Pushing the Boundaries: Engendering Gender Studies/Women's Studies in the Transformational Discourse of Higher Education in South Africa MP3
Sept. 30 A Web of Injustice MP3
Oct. 14 Abortion Restrictions Around the Globe: Gender, Race, and Reproductive Justice MP3
Oct. 21 Leading for Change: Ending the Practice of Genital Cutting - RESCHEDULED
Nov. 4 Thailand as Transsexual "Mecca": Transnational Trans Politics and Gender Reassignment Surgery MP3
Nov. 18 Even Disaster is Gendered MP3
Dec. 2 Access and Menstruation: Exploring Social Taboos MP3