Undergraduate Studies

Academic Appeals and Probation Office

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment times are available to meet with the Assistant Provost for Student Success. To make an appointment to discuss your request/appeal please call 320-308-4913 or email aap@stcloudstate.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Academic Appeals office, late withdrawals, GPA and good academic standing, academic suspension and information specifically for International students.

Student Academic and Service Resources

There are many student resources available within University College. These resources can be found in the list to the right. Other resources and services available on campus include:

Academic Appeals and Complaints

The most comprehensive information relating to academic policies may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin. In addition, information related to the following policies can be found in the Student Handbook:

  • Grade Appeals Policy
  • Policy and Procedure for Handling Student Complaints Concerning Faculty

Appropriate student forms are available from the Office of the Provost.

Academic Policies AND PROCEDURES

The most comprehensive information about academic policies and procedures is available from Academic Affairs or in the Office of Records and Registration, Administrative Services Building, Room 118. Information found there includes:

  • Probation/Suspension Policy
  • Reinstatement Procedure of Suspended Student
  • Undergraduate Academic Forgiveness
  • Dismissal

Good Academic Standing

Grade point average for good academic standing

  1. An undergraduate student must have the following minimum cumulative GPA based on credits in courses, including developmental courses, attempted at SCSU. Cumulative credits in the various ranges include transfer credits accepted by SCSU.
    • 0 – 44 credits: 1.75
    • 45 or more credits: 2.00


  2. A student repeating a course in an effort to improve the grade will have the course credits count only once with the highest grade counting toward the GPA. The university may limit the number of times a student may repeat a course. (See Repeating Courses for Improvement of Grade).

Cumulative Percentage of Credits Completed


  1. Students are subject to standards of satisfactory progress toward the completion of an academic program. An undergraduate student meets the standards by successfully completing a minimum of 66.67 percent (2/3) of all credits attempted at SCSU and credits accepted as transfer, including credits in developmental courses. A student defined as a post-baccalaureate student must maintain a completion rate of 66.67 percent in courses completed following the conferring of the first bachelor’s degree. Successful completion of credits means earning a passing grade (A+ through D- or S) in a course. Grades of F, FN, FW, U, I, IP, W and Z in a course count as non-completed credits.
  2. A student repeating courses will have the course credits count only once with the highest grade counting toward the GPA. However, each time a course is repeated, it is included in the computation of the student’s completion percentage. The university may limit the number of times student may repeat a course.