About UChoose - St. Cloud State University
U Choose - St. Cloud State University

About UChoose

U-Choose is an educational based campus prevention effort that focuses on the reduction of high risk alcohol use. The program utilizes empirically based theories and approaches specifically designed for college students.

Our presenters are trained on the those theories and utilize the approaches in a fun, interactive, positive, and intellectually stimulating manner.

U-Choose Programming Topics

Programming Topics Include:

Why Do We drink? What is a Standard Drink? Alcohol 101
Pouring Demonstration High Risk Behaviors Identification Social Norms Clarification
Blood Alcohol Content Biphasic Effects of Alcohol Drug Interactions with Alcohol
Marijuana Sexual Consent Alcohol Myopia
Alcohol & Academics Bar Lab Experiment Alcohol & Performance
Alcohol Induced Blackout Strategies for Lowering Risk Addiction & Dependency
Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms and Detox Cost of High Risk Alcohol Use – Financially, Academically, Physically, and Personally How to Help a Friend


Created by The Division of Student Life and Development with support from the Office of the Provost