Education is the mother of leadership.

~ Wendell L. Willkie

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Teacher Support

Support for St. Cloud State University Teacher Education Graduates

And Novice Teachers in TPI Partner Districts


Support for new teachers happens through robust, comprehensive induction programs. Teacher induction refers to a comprehensive program that is built around essential components that include on the job instructional coaching, aligned to a district’s goals. The program is designed to improve the instructional practices of novice teachers, helping them successfully transition seamlessly from a teacher preparation program into the first years of his or her own classroom.

Following are the recommended components of a comprehensive induction program:


Induction Essential Components


Framework of Essential Components

Student Learning:

Each component of the induction program accelerates teacher effectiveness in order to increase student engagement and learning. A growing body of research substantiates the crucial link between student achievement and the quality of a teacher’s instruction.

Program Vision:

Goals and outcomes should be clearly established to ensure teacher effectiveness that has a positive impact on student achievement and teacher retention.

Institutional Commitment and Support:

It is imperative to have support from the superintendent, administrative team, union, principals, teachers, and school board for a comprehensive induction program.

Teacher Evaluation Support:

There is support for the teacher evaluation system in place that demonstrates a commitment to accelerating new teacher effectiveness.

Instructional Coaching and Mentoring:

There is a district plan for recruitment, selection, training, ongoing professional development, and compensation for instructional coaching and mentoring. Instructional coaches work with new teachers to advance their content knowledge and pedagogy.

Professional Development:

The induction program is designed to implement professional development that provides choice and flexibility. It is guided by research, standards, and local priorities, and responds to the needs of new teachers, coaches, and administrators.

Program Assessment and Evaluation:

The district implements a comprehensive system of program evaluation and continuous improvement based on induction essential components.

Teacher Leadership:

There is an established leadership pathway for teachers, which progresses from year one through year three and sets the stage for life-long leadership.


Framework for New Teachers and SCSU Teacher Education Graduates!


Framework of Teacher Leadership


Website for New Teachers and SCSU Teacher Education Graduates!

The Teacher Preparation Initiative has created a website just for new teachers and SCSU Teacher Education Graduates. Resources from New Teacher Workshops can be found at this site as well as Animoto Videos. These videos, based on phases that new teachers experience, are sent monthly to our new teachers. In addition, a video is created after each workshop.



The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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