A child miseducated is a child lost.

~John F. Kennedy

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School of Education

Inside Ignite - Support Working Group

Graduates of the Teacher Preparation Initiative will receive up to three years of support from St. Cloud State University.  This working group will explore how TPI graduates will be supported locally and remotely and the possibilities of a common professional development model and sharing of resources with P-12 districts.

  • Investigate feasible and sustainable models for mentoring and induction.
  • Collaborate with prepare working group to explore induction as part of the curriculum at SCSU.
  • Explore a common professional development model as well as the concept of shared resources for a consortium of P-12 districts.
  • Investigate the use of technology to observe teaching and provide mentoring and professional development in remote settings.
  • Research and recommend the desirable characteristics that a Best Practice Network of Mentors must possess to support our graduates.


(1) Support Working Group Facilitator Beth Mann
(1) Office of Clinical Experiences Representative


(7) P-12 Representatives
(one from each Partner district)

Megan Rogholt

Milissa Walz

Diana Fenton
Peggi Fogarty

Lori Hanson

(2) Teacher Education Council Representative
(K-12 content, 5-12 content)

Shawn Jarvis
Mark Minger

(1) Early Childhood education representative
(chosen by dept.)

Ming-Chi Own

(1) Elementary education representative
(chosen by program)

Mary Jo Froemming

(1) New Teacher - 2nd Year Kirsten Axson
(1) New Teacher- 3rd year Karlye Barron
(1) Special Education Representative (chosen by program) Patty Waletzko
(1) Mentorship Expert


(1) Technology Work Group Representative

Mert Thompson

(1) Prepare Working Group Representative Katie Young


]Groups to be Consulted:

SOE Assessment Committee, SOE Technology and Space Committee, CETL, SOE Curriculum Committee, Technology and Pedagogical Resources Committee, CEHEEP Faculty, Career Center, Alumni Office, SOE Student Advisory Group, Novice Teachers, Equity Issues Expert, Co-Teaching Expert, Professional Development Needs Assessment Expert, SPED, ELED, STEM, ELL

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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