Education is the mother of leadership.

~ Wendell L. Willkie

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School of Education

Inside Ignite - Recruit Working Group

The Recruit Working Group will target recruitment efforts on teachers of color, men in the early grades, and non-traditional students and recruit teachers from the following areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Special Education and English Language Learners.

  • Examine current recruiting strategies.
  • Recommend new and improved recruiting strategies.
  • Examine current admissions criteria for incoming teacher candidates.
  • Recommend new and improved admissions criteria for incoming teacher candidates.
  • Develop recruiting and admissions materials.


(1) Recruit and Admissions Working Group Facilitator Bradley Kaffar
(1) Office of Admissions Representative Rich Shearer
(1) Multicultural Student Services Representative VACANT
(3) P-12 Counselors

Deb Ruszat
Cindee Hoberg

Jayne Greeney-Schill

(2) P-12 Teachers

Michael Rogers

Susan Symanietz

(1) SOE Faculty - TEAC VACANT
(2) Student Services Director Cara Grussing
(2) Arts and Sciences Faculty – TEAC

Kathryn Gainey
Sue Haller

Carol Conkell

(1) Community Representative VACANT
(1) Technology Working Group Member

Rachel Wexelbaum

(1) Support Working Group Member Kendyll Jones

Groups to be consulted:

TEAC, Deans, SOE Curriculum Committee, Non-Traditional students, Alumni Office, Financial Aid Office, SOE Assessment Committee, SOE Scholarship Committee, College Directors of Development, P-12 Parent Association, Head Start

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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