Education is the transmission of civilization.

~ Will Durant

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School of Education

Inside Ignite - Assessment Working Group

The Assessment Working Group will coordinate and facilitate the assessment of the Teacher Preparation Initiative, including the data collection, analysis, and dissemination of all components of the initiative.

  • Create a schedule for data collection, analysis, and dissemination for the TPI milestones.
  • Identify current teacher preparation and P-12 assessment practices.
  • Create a plan to address needs of faculty, staff, and P-12 to learn about value-added assessment, teacher performance assessment, and other assessments as needed.
  • Recommend methods to coordinate assessment and data collection methods used in P-12 partner districts.
  • Develop a process to collect hiring needs of partner districts.
  • Develop a long-term assessment plan for the Teacher Preparation Initiative.


(1) Facilitator John Hoover
(1) SOE Assessment/Accreditation Committee Representative Jane Minnema
(1) IFO School of Education NCATE/BOT Committee Representative


(1) SOE Assessment Director

Kathy Dahlberg

(1) TPI Assessment Lead

John Hoover

(3) P-12 Assessment Expert
(one large district, one small district)

Andrea Preppernau

Amy Trombley


(1) SCSU Assessment Committee Member Sandra Johnson
(1) Support Working Group Member

Mark Minger

(2) TEAC members; 1 SOE & 1 Content



Groups to be consulted:
VARC, SOE Space and Technology Committee, Technology and Pedagogical Resources Committee, Career Center, Alumni Office, SOE Student Advisory Groups, SPARC Office, Office of Sponsored Programs, SOE and Content Faculty, Alumni Office, Career Services, P-12 Superintendents, University Assessment Committee, Content faculty

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

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