Education is the transmission of civilization.

~ Will Durant

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Partner Districts - Sauk Rapids / Rice

Until 1886, Sauk Rapids was one of the most important cities in Minnesota. A tornado that occurred on April 14th, demolished the town. Today it is evident that Sauk Rapids has recovered from this event. Today Sauk Rapids is full of life and growing more each year. It has ample amounts of opportunity for everyone and continues to be on the cutting edge of development. The first school was built in 1886. Currently Sauk Rapids-Rice consists of 6 schools with 3,765 students.



Sauk Rapids-Rice School District, Daniel Bittman

Superintendent Daniel Bittman received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth in Secondary Education, teaching Spanish. His Master’s and Doctorate degrees were earned at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in Education Leadership. Dr. Bittman served as Director of Licensed Personnel in the Clark County School District and of Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Centennial School District. He also served as Assistant Commissioner and Director of Licensing and Teacher Quality at the Minnesota Department of Education.

Superintendent Bittman has served as Superintendent of the Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools since July of 2010. In addition to his current assignment, he also serves on the Minnesota Board of Teaching as Minnesota’s administrative representative and will complete his current term in 2013.

Working Group Members



Working Group

Mike Rogers
Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School
Julie Midas
Hill Side Elementary School
Mardi Knudson
Sauk Rapids-Rice District Office


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