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~ Christa Mcauliffe

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Partner Districts - ROCORI

The name ROCORI comes from the three towns that make up the district, which are Rockville, Cold Spring and Richmond. The grasshopper chapel, located above, is a tranquil site to see during a visit to Cold Spring, MN. The history of this chapel comes from the story of townspeople gathering together in efforts to rid the area of grasshoppers that were destroying the farmer's valuable crops. Also, never forget about the famous Cold Spring Bakery, started in 1946 by Mel and Floss Schurman. The school district is made up of 5 schools and has 2,214 students.






Rocori School District, Scott Staska  

Superintendent Scott Staska graduated from North Dakota State University, Fargo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and History. He continued on and earned a Master’s Degree in Education Administration from Minnesota State University, Moorhead.  After teaching social studies in Barnesville, MN from 1984-1991, he went on to be the Assistant Principal. He served as the Secondary Principal for Barnesville Public Schools from 1994-1999 and then became a Senior High School Principal and Superintendent for Yellow Medicine East in Granite Falls, MN. He is currently serving as Superintendent of Schools for the Rocori School District.


Working Group Members



Working Group

Sue Jenkins

ROCORI MIddle School


Jennifer Christoffersen

ROCORI High School


Linda Liebl

ROCORI High School



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