In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

~Bill Cosby

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School of Education

Workshops provides support for new teachers

By Beth Mann, P-12 Liaison


The Teacher Preparation Initiative sponsored its second New Teacher Workshop, “Thriving in the First through Third Years: Feeling Well and Meeting Students’ Needs,” on February 22nd. First- through third-year teachers in our six partner school districts were invited to the event.

The evening began with an informal networking session. Then, Dr. Steve Hoover set the stage by presenting lessons on balancing teachers’ personal and work lives. This was a wonderful follow-up presentation to his October session for the first-year teachers. Following the work-life balance session, Mark Storry spoke about his experiences with and recommendations for working with at-risk students. Teachers also attended a session on differentiated instruction based on their grade level. Different presenters targeted specific areas: early childhood educators heard from Tracy Schreifels; Sue Jenkins presented to elementary educators; and secondary educators were able to learn from Teri Johnson. The evening ended with an evaluation, documentation of hours, and a prize for everyone!

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