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School of Education


In order to be successful, the changes to teacher preparation must be sustainable.  Through university structures and University reorganization, TPI has supported major organizational changes that will positively impact teacher preparation.

University Structure for Teacher Preparation

TPI helped developed a new group called the SCSU Teacher Education Advisory Council (TEAC) that involves representatives from all the programs, licensure areas, and other stakeholders involved in teacher education at SCSU as well as representatives from our P-12 partner districts.

A second group, the Executive Teacher Education Council (ETEC) has been created to provide a forum for input on decisions related to teacher education that includes Deans from all of the teacher licensure programs at SCSU as well as partner district Superintendents.

University Reorganization

Also through the University reorganization, a new School of Education was developed to focus solely on teacher preparation.  There will be a reallocation of resources to support new ideas and initiatives that promote effective teaching.  One such resource is a new Office of Student Services in the School of Education that focuses on supporting students through the progress of their license, including the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams (MTLE), developing the new assessment system for tracking student progress through their programs (ILAT), and other licensure requirements.

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