The school is the last expenditure upon which America should be willing to economize.

~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Teacher Preparation Initiative

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) will maximize teacher effectiveness and increase student achievement by transforming and strengthening teacher education through collaborative partnerships between SCSU and P-12 school districts.

Teacher Preparation Initiative Timeline SCSU applies for and receives the Bush Foundation Grant. Partner Districts join, organizational structure is determined, & 5 TPI Working Groups are formed.  Work begins to revise teacher preparation through: Recruiting, Preparation, Support, Assessment & Technology. First teacher candidates enter the new TPI teacher preparation program. First TPI teacher candidates graduate and apply for teaching positions. SCSU & District support of new TPI teachers begin with targeted professional development programs

Brief History

  • The Teacher Preparation Initiative is a 10-year initiative involving 14 higher education institutions across ND, SD and MN
  • Supported by the Bush Foundation who awarded $40.5 million and formed the Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) to re-envision teacher preparation

Collaborating with:

  • Arts and Science faculty at SCSU
  • Education faculty at SCSU
  • Various offices across campus (Office of Clinical Experiences, Admissions, Financial Aid)
  • P-12 school districts
  • Communities

Coordinating Team

  • Administrators from P-12 Partner Districts
  • Dean of the School of Education
  • Curriculum Directors, Assessment experts & Technology experts from Partner Districts and SCSU
  • Faculty members from teacher education departments in the School of Education.
  • Discipline Area Expert Faculty from Arts and Sciences Colleges
  • Director of Office of Clinical Experiences
  • Director of Student Services
  • TPI P-12 Liaison
  • Assessment Director from the School of Education
  • Regional P-12 Union Representative

The Four Pillars of Teacher Preparation

  1. Recruit high-caliber students
  2. Prepare students for today's and tomorrow's schools
  3. Place students/new teachers in schools that will support their success
  4. Support new teachersgraduates to increase their effectiveness

Six Guiding Principles

  1. Focus on improving student academic growth
  2. Grounded in evidence-based practices
  3. Partner with Institutional Leadership to ensure change
  4. Engage P-12 stakeholders
  5. Include all four elements of comprehensive teacher training
  6. Guarantee the effectiveness of new teacher graduates

We gathered Big Ideas from over 450 university, P-12 and community stakeholders


Five Key Working Groups were formed:

  1. Recruit: Facilitator - Bradley Kaffar Bio (pdf)
    1. Target high need populations
      • Teachers of color
      • Men in the early grades
      • ELL, Special Education
      • Science/Technology/Engineering and Math (STEM)
  2. Prepare: Facilitator - James Robinson Bio (pdf)
    1. Form a P-16 Partnership to examine and align curriculum at all levels
    2. Investigate authentic field experiences beginning students' first semester on campus
    3. Explore 21st Century knowledge and skills needed for 21st Century learning
  3. Support: Facilitator - Beth Mann Bio (pdf)
    1. Explore joint induction/mentoring programs for up to 3 years
    2. Targeted professional development for new teachers
  4. Assessment: Facilitator - John Hoover Bio (pdf)
    1. Ensure all stakeholders understand and are able to use assessment to inform instruction
    2. Ensure ongoing formative assessment will become the foundation of our practice
  5. Technology: Facilitator - Mert Thompson Bio (pdf)
    1. Utilizing technology to observe teaching and provide mentoring and professional development in remote settings
    2. Providing P-16 professional development in the use of educational technology, utilizing technology for managing data, and discipline specific technology.


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