Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 3/29/10

In attendance: Mark K, Mark B, Phil, Doug, Kristi, Sheila, Heather, Keith

Computing Standards

Mark Kotcho started the meeting by going over the St Cloud State University Computing Standards for 2009-2010. This document was handed out last semester but was not placed on the website.  Kristi and Doug would like to see some revisions made before late April. Mark stated that this was the final document from last semester but agreed that some changes need to be made. Some new additions to this document that have not been reviewed by this group include the Mac Laptop language and the removable Media Standards section. Phil discussed the pulling of Blackberry support piece.

Kristi would like revisions made to the introductory paragraph to acknowledge that this old document has had a full review.  Mark Kotcho will send Kristi an electronic copy.  She will attach it to the minutes.  Doug wouldn’t see a problem with putting this document up on the website but we should state that a revised version will be coming soon.  The revised document will be brought to the next TLTR meeting and Doug will share it with TPR when it is available.


Windows 7 timeline
Mark Kotcho passed out a proposed timeline for the launch of Windows 7. The implication plans are to start with Windows 7 in two demo areas in Centennial Hall and the Miller Center 201 lab. The goal is to have the software installed during Intersession.   Kristi noted that there is an error on the timeline; The software launch must be after grades are submitted.   The target date should be May 14.   Phil will make the change to the timeline but would like to know if implementing the software on closed labs prior to May 13 would be okay.   Yes, if this is confirmed with the impacted departments.


Snow leopard timeline
The timeline for snow leopard is for Mac computers and follows a similar setup. Demo units will be near the Windows 7 computers in MC 201 lab, and ECC lab with one instructor station. This software will also be installed after the final grades are due.


Digital Signage
Mark Kotcho passed out a digital signage document that shows were we currently have digital signage, possible signage locations and where there has been a formal request for signage.   Several concerns were raised about this project including the use of resources during times of scarcity, the need for a communications plan, complexities related to administrative control and the responsibility for content, governance, etc.  


Possible Summer wireless upgrade
The wireless system was not upgraded last summer when it was originally planned because of budget cuts.  There is a request in to the Student Technology Fee committee to pay for a larger share of the costs to allow for installation this summer.   The upgrade would provide for higher speed and broader coverage.   Risks are minimal because if the there are problems with the new system, it is easy to back off and return to the current system.   There are approximately 1600-1800 wireless users per day during the academic year.  It was recommended that the change would occur during times when there are limited or no classes.

A question was raised about the MnSCU Star ID system.   It is independent of this upgrade but we are evaluating this and could potentially implement it in the fall.  This would allow MnSCU employees from around the state to easily access wireless while visiting SCSU.
The next TLTR meeting will be April 12th.


Notes by Heather Brock and Kristi Tornquist