Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 2/8/10
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, Doug Polley, Ilya Yakovlev, Casey Wagner, Sara Grachek, Chuck Czech,  Mark Kotcho, Phil Thorson, Keith Ewing, Tom Hergert

The discussion was on the Budget and a chart was given to participants.

Chart of Information Technology Services (ITS) Directory

  • An early, 1st draft chart was provided rating services to look at possible budget considerations. The ITIS area is putting together a similar chart.
  • The services are rated critical, important, or associated categories. Services are then examined to see if they would be under the shift, reduce, eliminate, expand, or charge columns.
  • Ideas brought forward
    • Extend replacement cycles, this would require  an investment in staff
    • Leave replacement cycle as is, how could this affect staff
    • Standardize the things that are supported
    • Option of no new supported services
    • Charge for services
    • Cut services
  • The question was asked “What is the meaning of the categories?”
    • An example of  associated  was given--personal computer services
    • Areas that generate revenue, an example was give of ResNet
  • The following  questions were asked-
    • Are Backup/Restoration Services (i.e. email) important?
    • Is the Bulletin Board important?
    • Electronic Classrooms are important to keep, but should new ones be added?
    •  Should services be centralized to be more efficient?
    • What is Internet Technology Security?  
      • Security coordinator handles  investigation and education
      • This is something mandated by the Office of the Chancellor
  • The Sassafras  Key Server  software  is not a service  fully out to the campus; there are additional costs involved
  • Password is not descriptive enough
  • STARS (statewide training and registration site) which is managed by MnSCU may be rolled out to the students (this could increase the work load)
  • Distance Learning
  • Cuts in one area may move cost to another column
  • It may make sense to  have small charges for personal computer fixes , this could help Tech Fee

Notes-Sheila Landucci