Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 4/17/09
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, J.C. Turner, Casey Wagner, Eric Dietz, Wade Nelson, Tim Baker, Brad Grabham, Phil Thorson, Mark Kotcho, Mario Felix, Marcelyn Smale, John W. Palmer

Draft Technology Vision statement
Kristi asked for thoughts and feedback on the Technology Vision statement that was distributed to the group, now or contact her at a later date. The statement included comments from the Leadership Team and Visioning Session at Technology Day. Judy Kilborn has agreed to work on compiling the feedback this summer. 

  • What do you like about the technology vision statement?
  • What is missing?
    • How are decisions made concerning technology?
    • How is technology funded?
    • There is a need to have a operational definition of technology, the same request was expressed at DAC and TPR
    • Innovation is another term that may need a definition
    • Consider different roles and capabilities with technology, to break down barriers (Who is this for?)
    • The vision document needs to define what are the expectations and outcome.
  •  What needs to be changed?
  • John P. will send his editing comments to Kristi
      • He made the jargon more generic
      • Suggested some words be changed too.   The goal is to have measurable objectives
      • There is a need to identify overlapping needs and commonalities. An example was given of shareable software and hardware, i.e. scheduling software used in the Provost’s office is a common need across campus. A common searchable place to find information is needed.
    • TPR will bring in feedback
    • The partnership with the System Offices will need to be taking into consideration
    • There is a need to have a system in place that looks at what campus needs are before purchases take place
    • Change some of the wording , it seems to be one way from the student perspective, connect back and forth for faculty and students
    • It was suggested that this document must say that the employee has input on what is provided to them. Should make sure to ask the employee what their needs are.
  • What are the steps that need to be taken to implement the technology vision statement?
    • How do we strategize pulling this together?
  • Assuming resources were available to do what we need to do, where would you like us to be with technology in three years?
  • There are small technology planning groups reaching out to a list of groups to be contacted for their input (the list was passed out to attendees). Which other groups and/ or individual should we consult?
    • Shared opportunities groups
    • Campus Card office

There was a question asked, when will faculty have access to SharePoint?

  • SharePoint has been rolled out to targeted groups
  • It is not known what support will be needed yet.
  • More evaluation is needed before it can be rolled out. Answers to some basic questions are still being investigated.
  • The comment was made that there is a need for this type of system to manage students in the GA program, to keep the students moving more efficiently through the program.
  • Why Shareware? Google box might be an option
  • Some students asked to be involved in  a collaboration pilot program


  • The decision has been made to renew D2L for an additional 3 ½ years.
  • The System Office will support D2L during this time
  • Some users do not like the interface, the basics cannot be changed, but some things can be changed. Check with Wade Nelson for assistance with this.


  • The decision to change Curriculum Labs to Vista will be made by the Departments
  • If open labs and E-classrooms are used by many departments they will be consulted before upgrading them to Vista. However, it is not always known what impact will be made to all users when changes are made.
  • Brad Grabham is ready to do training.

Inventory Management

  • An SCSU Workstation Inventory Management Executive Summary sheet was distributed for comment.

Password Guidelines

  • An information sheet was passed out on the Password Guideline Implementation Plan Executive Summary
  • The password guidelines are required by the Systems Office

The next meeting will be May 1, 2009.  This will be the last one of the year.

Meeting notes – Sheila Landucci