December 5, 2008 - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

Notes for 12/05/08
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, J.C. Turner, Kristin Lyman, Benjamin Pratt, Phil Thorson, Mark Kotcho, Marcus Pohl, Daryl Scholz, Sara Grachek, Mario Felix, Jim Bertram, John Eggers, Rose Dillon

The following topics were discussed –


  • The MnSCU System Office has provided encryption software for laptops and desktops to SCSU. The encryption software would be installed on the hard drive. Mobile devices are not being addressed at this time. This is software selected by the State of Minnesota.
  • Some of the questions being addressed are-
    • Should this be required?
    • Should it be required for all or select machines?  There are some machines,  i.e. video editing,  that are kept clean for the primary focus as a workstation
    • Should it be continued to be done ad hoc or systematically?
    • Are there any downsides to encryption?-there is a potential to be locked out after 16 tries and IT must unlock (2nd accounts are currently suggested in case of emergency)
    • Would this be installed on state-owned and student-used machines (current document states faculty and staff machines)?
  • This question of encryption has been addressed in different venues-many of the Deans have  agreed to install this on their machines
  • MAC encryption is being developed
  • MnSCU may required or suggest that certain types of machines be encrypted, (machines with ISRS may be required)
  • About 100 machines are already encrypted at SCSU; Mankato has about 150 encrypted

D2L Course Purge

  • A D2L purge is required on 2 years and older materials - a decision by the systems office to determine a date will be made soon, possible date may be mid December
  • There are ways to retain materials
  • Support is available for faculty

Technology Day

  • Technology Day is Thursday January 8th
  • Faculty and staff are invited
  • Brief agenda as follows-
    • Starts with a breakfast
    • Speaker
    • Breaks into “parlors” with students
    • Speaker
    • Lunch
    • Focus groups discussing technology
    • Games and demonstrations in the ballroom (presented by technician and faculty)
  • Kristi requested that the names of people who might be interested in sharing technology information be passed on to her.

Draft of Strategic Action Plan Strategic Objective:
Implement vision of the comprehensive technology plan

  • This plan was developed at the request of the Leadership Team.
  • The question concerning technology asked by the Leadership Team was,  where are we today  and where do we want to be in the future
    • What are the challenges?
    • What are the goals?
    • What are the highlights?
  • From these questions this position paper was created
  • The Strategic Planning Group, TLTR and the campus will be asked to review and give feedback on this document. Some questions regarding this document are-
    • What is missing in this document?
    • To what extent do we have the right mix of investment for current basic and new innovation technology?
  • Please send comments to Phil or Kristi

CIO Meeting

  • A suggestion was made to discuss the data sanitation topic at the next meeting


Next meeting dates tentatively set for January 16, January 30, and February 13.


Meeting notes – Sheila Landucci