Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 11/21/08
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, Casey Wagner, Mark Kotcho, Marcus Pohl, Sara Grachek, J.C. Turner, Wade Nelson, Sara Grachek, Kristen Lyman

The following topics were discussed –
MnSCU Projects reviewed at the Cross Functional Advisory Committee

  • The process to determine where the dollars are spent has changed from last year
    • Short proposals are submitted first, they are reviewed and it is decided which ones should rewrite longer proposals
  • CAG reviewed the short proposals in August
  • Kristi met with CAG on November 12, both additional new and re-written short proposals were reviewed (a list of the system-wide proposals from MnSCU were provided)
  • Decisions on which proposals will be funded will be are expected to be made at EIC in March

Microcomputing Standards
Marcus reviewed the new additions to the draft of SCSU Microcomputing Standards for 2008-2009

  • A note was added that the new guidelines have not been signed off on by MnSCU yet
  • The Helpdesk is aware that floppy discs and hard drives can be put in the shredding containers
  • The mobile device section has been reviewed and additional detail was included

For final approved document see:  http://huskynet.stcloudstate.edu/policies/microcomputer.asp


  • The main issue is-do we require this be added to all laptops and desktops?
  • Should we need to encrypt mobile devices?
  • How will this be maintained if MnSCU does not provide ongoing funding?-
  • TPR and Academic Affairs will be asked to provide recommendations
  • Without funding we will not be able to add encryption to new equipment or do updates
  • There is some risk if support and maintenance is lost
  • Installation would be done remotely, removal would require touching each piece of equipment
  • Main risks are for mobile devices
  • The Mac’s are still in the process of being tested
  • Windows equipment are ready to go
  • No additional logins are needed

Dial-up Issues

  • The decision timeframe each year for this issue is the end of June
  • A graph showing the drop in usage for students, employees, alumni and emeriti was distributed
  • Other options were discussed for current users and the need to make sure these users would be contacted to explain any changes if they occur.
  • A six-month transition timeframe was suggested if changes are made

Action Item-Discuss this issue at upcoming Alumni Meeting

Password Usage-
Darrin worked on the MnSCU - 5.23.1 password requirement and recommendations

  • Changes will be put in place September 2009
  • The following are the anticipated guideline requirement changes:
  • A passwords must be at least eight characters long (currently 6 characters), this will include students
  • Passwords must include a minimum combination of 2 character types such as numbers, special character, lower case letters and upper case letters.
  • The following  guideline recommendations  were made:
  • Passwords should use a combination of three character types.
  • Passwords should be changed every 90 days.

See full document (61kb Word .docx)

Online Courses-
This was briefly discussed.

  • The Governor proposed that in the future 25% of classes be online courses.
  • SCSU is at 7.1%
  • Percentage system-wide is now 9.2%.

ResNet Symposium Video
The ResNet Symposium video was viewed. This symposium meets June of 2009, here at SCSU.

Next meeting is December 5th, 2008.


Meeting notes – Sheila Landucci