Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 11/7/08 
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, Doug Polley, Ilya Yakovlev, Phil Thorson, Casey Wagner, Mark Kotcho, Marcus Pohl, Daryl Scholz, Eric Dietz, Sara Grachek, Mario Felix

The following topics were discussed –

Technology Day Planning

  • Doug Polley from TPR plans to attend the next two meetings
  • TPR will work on the criteria for allocating innovation money
  • TPR’s involvement is needed in the recruiting of persons to share innovations

Vista Planning
Casey provided two reports on Windows Vista
Windows Vista 2008-2009

  • The plan to implement Vista in May of 2008 was revised.
  •  In summer 2008 Vista was deployed on 94 computers.
  • During winter break 2008-09 Vista will be deployed on 204 computers on campus.
  • In May 2009 Vista will be deployed campus-wide


  • Move the bullet “Faculty and Staff office computers (by request only)” to the May 2009 phase
  • In the “Cons of moving to Windows Vista” section, second bullet, change “Limited” to “Some”
  • Get out information on compatibilities of materials and software to faculty so they are prepared for the changeover
  • Find solutions for probems using software

PROPOSED Timeline – Windows Vista

  • Information needs to get to faculty
  • E-classrooms will be updated except where they cannot be
  • The website  has the timeline
  • The timeline needs these channels added—TPR, President’s Council, Meet and Confer, and Academic Affairs


  • Casey will update the timelines and give a copy to Kristi
  • Casey’s  college technicians will drive the communication to each college about Vista

Star Alert
Ilya reported on this.

  • The Office of the Chancellor has given the directive for the program
  • MnSCU is having SCSU and Vermillion Community College pilot the WENS emergency notification system
  • Star Alert went live in October
  • About 5% of the eligible SCSU community has signed up.  Fifteen percent is the number expected.  The numbers are as follows:  faculty and staff – 247, residence hall students – 180, remaining students – 761.
  • Some people are concerned about giving out private information – cell phone numbers.  You may unsubscribe if you wish.
  • This is only one part of the of the emergency notification system.  Faculty may still have students turn off cell phones in class.


  • More education and clarification is needed.  Staff development days, Student AR Days, and January workshop days could be opportunities to do this.
  • Sara Grachek is part of the marketing subgroup for emergency notification.  She will take some of this discussion to that committee.

Micro Computing Standards
Marcus Pohl reported on the revisions made.  Some additional revisions were suggested.
Printer Standards

  • Insert “SCSU” before “Computer Store” in the phrase “Consult Computer Store”
  • The bolded section entitled “Encryption” was added
    • Doug asked about the possibility of encrypted media being supplied for faculty use

Data Handling Standards

  • Wording and the link for the MnSCU requirements needs to be checked on.
  • The bolded paragraph on drop locations for no longer used media or licensed software has been added.
    • AS 103 is the place for these materials
    • The HelpDesk in Miller Center cannot accept items with metal
  • There needs to be some clarification about helping faculty/staff with scrubbing personal equipment used for university work

Hardware Standards

  • This will be looked at next meeting


Possible dates for the next meeting(s):  November 21, December 5, January, 2nd or 3rd week


Meeting notes – Barb Niebur