Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 10/10/08
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, J.C. Turner, Kristin Lyman, Mark Kotcho, Doug Polley, Phil Thorson, Tom Hergert, Ilya Yakovlev, Casey Wagner, Marcus Pohl, Daryl Scholz, Michael Evans, Sara Grachek, Mario Felix

The following topics were discussed-

Technology Day Planning

  • The VP/Deans leadership team asked that a plan be developed for a Technology Day and brought back for them to review.
  • Hope to involve TPR in the planning and involve more faculty (Kristi will let TPR know when meeting times for this planning group and other small group meetings)
  • TPR would possibly work on developing criteria
  • Regional two-year colleges may want to attend this function
  • The target group for this function is faculty and staff
  • The date of Technology Day is January 8th.  It is proposed that the day will include breakfast, a speaker, parlors (break outs), students talking about technology from their perspective, lunch, a speaker, time for  people to “show off”  technology, games, incentives to encourage new technology (need to develop criteria)
  • Chuck Duzbin from Florida is proposed as the speaker
  • There will not be any vendors at this event.
  • Continuing Studies would like to be a partner in the event, John Burgeson will be contacted.

OcC IT Funding

  • Last year there were 83 proposals made
  • Funds from OcC are now at SCSU
  • VP’s had questions, and project plans are being updated to address these questions. No due date was established for these.
  • Kristi will take any new comments to the VP’s.

Computer Technology Standards

  • These standards are reviewed in the spring by campus technicians to recommend a range of guidelines to help technicians and users. In the fall TLTR reviews and approves the standards.
  • This document will be found on the Husky website in the Policies and Procedure page when it has been approved.
  • The following topics were discussed-
  • Hardware: The recommended life cycle is 3-4 years, but each college has their own guidelines.  Accidental protection is recommended on purchases.
  • Mobile Devices:-will look at adding some minimum standards for mobile devices
  • Software: recommendations are linked to current to campus software (main one)site and current lab lists
  • Operating Systems: There is a link for more detailed information.
  • Printing: will be looked at next time
  • Removable Media: will be looked at next time

Dean Tornquist asked for topics to be discussed this year, and the following were suggested:
Vista rollout
Encryption on laptops
Technology Plan
Dial up
EIC proposals
Second Life information
Star Alert
Password policy changes
Hosting ResNet symposium

The next meeting will be October 24, 2008 in Miller Center B18

Meeting notes taken by Sheila Landucci