Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 5/2/08
In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, J.C. Turner, Kristin Lyman, Mark Kotcho, Doug Polley, Lauren McGee, Ryan Meints, Phil Thorson,  John Eggers

Kristi Tornquist stated that the Vice Presidents met this morning regarding the possible Office of the Chancellor technology funding.  Their intent is to waiting to make a decision until after the after the dollar amount is determined.

5.4.4 Assessments-suggestions

  • Possibly spell out some of the acronyms for the general reader.
  • Use consistency when referring to  Classroom Performance System (clickers)

Kristen Lyman will bring these suggestions and a few others to Chris Inkster for consideration.
Kristi Tornquist said that Chris Inkster and the committee did a great job on this section.

5.4.5 Instructional Management Systems-suggestions

  • In the 2nd paragraph of the background add for future reference when it was purchased
  • Add goal for tracking and looking at new products, open source IMS systems
  • Add goal information on 24/7 support hours
  • Add date, annual or checkpoint on what levels of support are needed

Kristi Tornquist said, at the Meet and Confer meeting yesterday, the faculty expressed that Rich Josephson and D2L technicians have provided great support on the recently proposed D2L changes.

5.13 HusyNet-suggestions

  • Add titles of group referenced
  • Goal 1: change verbiage to improved usability
  • Goal 1: Review… address needs as resources allow
  • Goal 2: add list of top 3 or 4 applications currently used

5.25 Application Development-suggestions

  • Expand background to clarify the scope
  • Goal 2- #1 possible start date before 2010

5.26 Information Systems Acquisition and Management-suggestions

  • Add examples to give meaning to broader group

5.27 Enterprise Portal- suggestions

  • Good backgrounds
  • Add timelines to new goals
  • In goals change develop tin integrate
  • Add goal for collaboration with OoC
  • Add resources section

Faculty and staff in technology areas will continue to refine sections of the technology plan this summer, and a draft of the plan will be reviewed by campus administrators.  Finally, the revised plan will be presented to the campus community for comments and feedback early in Fall semester.

Dean Kristi Tornquist thanked everyone for their hard work on the TLTR revision throughout the year.   This is the last meeting for 2007-2008.

Meeting notes-Sheila Landucci