Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR notes for 04/11/08

In attendance:  Kristi Tornquist, J.C. Turner, Doug Polley,  Kristin Lyman, Mark Kotcho, Phil Thorson, Sara Grachek, Daryl Scholz, Wade Nelson, Rich Josephson, George Fiedler, Tom Hergert

Rich Josephson reviewed the status of D2L version 8.3.  This is on track for June 6-8 changeover.  Part of the effort here is to determine whether to delete discussion material from old classes.  Faculty training for how to save past discussion material has been announced but not many faculty have taken advantage of this.  It was suggested that a handout or procedure that faculty could follow would also be helpful.    A question was asked about retention of other old class material such as content and grades.  This will not be deleted at this time.  Discussion in the fall will determine how to handle these items. 

Discussion of Technology Master Plan

From last meeting:  The TPR Committee should be asked to look into section 5.4.3 (Pedagagy) or other 5.4 sections.  Tom Hergert will contact TPR chair.

Sections for 1st time review:

  • 5.5   Partnerships – assigned to Kristi (discuss with Academic Planning)
  • 5.6   e-Services – assigned to Computing and Technology Services group for discussion.
  • 5.22 Disaster Recovery – assigned to Mark Kotcho, George Fiedler, Rich Josephson & Ilya Yakovlev
  • 5.23 Security – assigned to Mark Kotcho & Darrin Printy

Items for additional review:

  • 5.20 Communication Technologies Overview - To Wade Nelson & Kristin Lyman for additional review.  It was suggested that the material on collaboration be expanded. 
  • 5.20.1 E-mail - There was some discussion of the relationship between Instruction Management (IMS) and e-mail.  Currently D2L handles e-mail independently of the SCSU campus e-mail.  Tom Hergert raised a concern that e-mail address privacy is not maintained under D2L.  There may be additional features of D2L that could further this protection and these should be evaluated.
  • 5.20.2 Voice, cellular, and other communication services - The bullet item on VoIP really should be part of bullet item on cost reduction. Tom Hergert raised concerns regarding legal limitations on SCSU provided cell phones.  These restrictions are more stringent than the general limitations on computer and office phone use and may need more detailed identification in the plan.

The following sections were postponed until the next meeting:

  • Section 5.20.3 Web
  • Section 5.20.4 Calendar

Notes by Doug Polley

Next meeting 4/18/08

Agenda: Follow-up review of:

  • Section 5.20.3 Web
  • Section 5.20.4 Calendar
  • 5.4.5 Instructional Management System
  • New section: 5.25 Application Development
  • New section: 5.26 Specialized Vendor Solutions
  • New section: 5.27 Enterprise Portal