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Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 4/4/08

In attendance: J. C. Turner, Kristi Tornquist, Casey Wagner, Greg Jorgenson, Rich Josephson, Kristin Lyman, Marcus Pohl, Daryl Scholz,  John Egger, Mark Kotcho, Sara Grachek, Lauren McGee, Ryan Meints, Ilya Yakovlev, Balsy Kasi

  • SCSU Proposal for Office of the Chancellor IT Funding Discussion:
  • Daryl Scholz brought copies of SCSU Proposals for Office of the Chancellor IT Funding-Spring 2008 with a summary sheet. The three categories that were request the most were computers, electronically enhanced classrooms and staff positions.
  • Kristi Tornquist asked the attendees for input on which projects they would like to see recommended for funding if dollars are available. She stated that one time money requests (as opposed to projects requiring recurring funds) might be given more attention because of the uncertainty of future funds due to the state budget situation.
  • Ryan asked that Atwood meeting rooms be brought up to campus standards with podcasting and presentation systems. They are currently moving in equipment but it takes time and staff to prepare for overflow (Items #13 & #14).
  • Ilya and J.C. mentioned that the Improvement to the Campus Card System (Item # 17) project would have campus wide benefit.
  • John spoke about 2 issues:
    First, he found it hard to prioritize projects by the information on the sheet. More detailed information can be accessed by going to https://spdev.stcloudstate.edu/ITFunding and logging in with your HuskyNet ID and password. 6 comments have been posted.
    You are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposals by clicking on the “Please Provide Feedback Here” link that coordinates with each proposal. Daryl Scholz, project manager, will keep a copy of your feedback with the proposal it refers to and also forward it to the original author of the proposal.  If you have questions or would like further information on the specific projects, please send a message to mailto:dscholz@stcloudstate.edu

Second, John emphasized the importance of the Laptop and Data projector request for Counseling (#45). They have many times they need equipment in classrooms and the Res Halls. It is time and labor consuming to get equipment to the location when it is needed.

  • Mark spoke about the importance of the Campus Wide Software Licensing and staff request (Item # 40). These funds would allow a “smarter” system for software licensing compliance for employees. This would be a campus wide savings because it would prevent re-buying because software could be shared.
  • Rich  said with the upcoming D2L software upgrade additional support staff would be important (Item # 83).
  • Ilya  talked about Application Lifecycle Management Assessment and Counseling (items #34 & #35) request and changes in how these are programmed. The money for these requests are mainly a one-time need.
  • Revisions-were reviewed and will be posted with be posted on the TRTL website


  • Add off campus reference

5.16.1 Technology Support- Service Desks (new name)

  • Goals for  2003-2008 some progress has been made
  • Goal for 2008-2013- add communication with Service Desks
  • Goal for 2008-2013- add more specific goal for24-7 coverage
  • Continuation of Technology Plan First Review

5.13 HuskyNet-suggestions

  • The Website has been expanded and changed several times, a lot of services have been added
  • Login time is being looked at, there are multiple ways access emails
  • Expand training to communication
  • Add a reference to portal section

Committee assigned-Mark K., Casey W., Kristen L., Karen T., Brad G.
5.14 File Services-suggestions

  • This integrates with portal
  • E-portfolio interest and how it works with MnSCU

Committee assigned-Judy S. Phil T., Chris S.
5.15 Decision Support Systems-suggestions

  • Focus on the process
  • If you have ideas for a name change please send to the committee
  • Add how to achieve goals
  • Are databases accurate?
  • Can databases accessible and manipulated?

Committee assigned-Chris B., Lisa F., Wade, Ilya Y., Phil T.

Next meeting:  4/11/08
Meeting notes by Sheila Landucci