Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 3/28/08

In attendance: J. C. Turner, Kristi Tornquist, Casey Wagner, George Fiedler, Greg Jorgenson, Rich Josephson, Kristin Lyman, Marcus Pohl, Daryl Scholz, Michael Evans, John Egger, Wade Nelson

Daryl Scholz, project manager, distributed copies of SCSU Proposals for Office of the Chancellor IT Funding-Spring 2008. To access this document go to https://spdev.stcloudstate.edu/ITFunding and log in with your HuskyNet ID and password. Everyone is encouraged to provide input on the proposals by April 8. You can attend the next TLTR meeting or go to the website to give your feedback individually.

Kristi Tornquist spoke about attending the Strategic Planning Committee meeting. She was interested in their discussion on including the impact technology has on teaching.

Wade Nelson discussed the upcoming D2L upgrade. The question is to what version will D2L be upgraded. There is a patent infringement case with the worst case potential to force the stop of using the current software. 8.3 is the new version and according to D2L will not infringe on the patent. However, this has not been tested outside of D2L. This version will be available in June. Normally we do not upgrade to software that has been on the market less than 60 days. This may be a rocky road, please be aware there may be problems.

  • Revisions-were reviewed and will be posted with be posted on the TRTL website

5.21 Digitization
5.24 Emerging Technologies
5.12 Campus Card Services (This section may be given a broader title)

  • Continuation of Technology Plan First Review

5.4.3 Technology and Pedagogy-suggestions

  • May want to repeat many of the past goals
  • May want to have a Campus Committee in the future

Committee assigned-Kristi will bring this section to Academic Affairs for their input
5.4.4 Assessment
Committee assigned-J.C. will take this to Chris I. for the Assessment Committee’s input, Doug P., TPR chairperson
5.4.5 Instructional and Management System

  • Most of the decisions on this are made by MnSCU

Committee assigned-Rich J, Wade N., Ben, Charles, Tom
5.17 Technology Training (Will be postponed a couple of weeks)
Committee assigned-Rich J., IMS folks, Brad

Next meeting:  4/4/08

Meeting notes by Sheila Landucci