Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 2/22/2008

In attendance: Kristen Lyman, Casey Wagner, Marcus Pohl, Lauren McGee, Tom Hergert, George Fiedler, Ryan Meints, John Eggers, Wade Nelson, Mark Kotcho, Ben Pratt, Karin Duncan, Phil Thorson, Rich Josephson, John Eggers, Jeff Wagner

  • Respondus Lock Down Browser
  • This product was purchased by MnSCU
  • Some of the features of this product were discussed.
    • The intent is to block users from browsing other sites
    • The product requires installation
    • Increases in support will be needed
    • It may be time consuming for remote dial up users
    • It may provide a false sense of security
    • All or nothing usage feature
  • More discussion is needed on this product. May 1 is the final deadline for a decision. TPR and Online Committee will investigate this.


  • Revisions

5.4.2 Classroom Resources (1st draft)-Goals for 2003-2008 were evaluated, and all goals were met. Four new goals were added for 2008-2013. George will update information with the suggestions made and post to the website

  • Continuation of Technology Plan review

5.12 Campus Card Services- Jeff reviewed information for past goals.  Funds for Campus Card Services have been stabilized.
Committee assigned-Ilya Yakoviev and Jeff Wagner

5.11.1Wireless-A suggestion was made that this section take into consideration new technologies that may fit into this category.
Committee assigned-Phil Thorson, Mike Schomer, George Fiedler, and Tony Sorteberg

5.11.2 Mobile Devices-A suggestion was make to develop a way to determine who should have what and why. Usage of such equipment must follow State law and MnSCU.
Committee assigned-Phil Thorson, Mike Schomer, George Fiedler, and Tony Sorteberg

Next meeting:  2/29/08
1st Review 5.2.1, 5.24
Receive 5.9, 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.10
Final Discussion 5.4, 5.4.1, 5.4.2

Notes taken by- Sheila Landucci