Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 2/15/2008

In attendance: J.C. Turner, Kristen Lyman, Casey Wagner, Sara Grachek, Daryl Scholz, Marcus Pohl, Lauren McGee, Tom Hergert, George Fiedler, Ryan Meints, John Eggers, Eric Dietz, Wade Nelson, Mario Felix

J. C. Turner chaired the meeting.

  1. New look to the TLTR site

-The TLTR site has been updated with a splash page.
-Next week a link will be added to the Collaboration Site. Everyone will have access with a login. 
  This will include the agenda, a calendar of meetings, working drafts, meeting notes, etc.

  1. Revisions
  2. 5.7 Communication about Technology

–Goal 2-It was suggested a need to work on timeliness, a method of streamlining or having Plan B and C.
-Goal 3 –Suggestion was made to add a bullet on the need to monitor other campus sites to synchronize information

  1. 5.8 Access to Technology Resources

-David Rogers may have suggestions on Special Ed
-Under the 2008-2013 Goals, it was suggested to remove “In the next five years, SCSU should”

  1. Continuation of Technology Plan review
  2. 5.9 Desktop Computing Overview

-The 2 groups reviewing 5.91 and 5.92 will look at incorporating overview information into their section
B.    5.9.1 Desktop Computing-Hardware
-Wade Nelson, Mark Kotcho, and Bob Lessinger will review
-Suggestion was made to condense the Background
-The Microcomputer Standards committee makes recommendations on this
                C. 5.92 Desktop Computing –Software
-Casey Wagner and Marcus Pohl will review
-Will include new OS document
-The Microcomputer Standards Committee makes recommendations on this
 D. 5.10 Computer Labs
-Marcus Pohl, Casey Wagner, Wade Nelson, Mark Kotcho, and Sam Barhorst will review
-Suggestion was made to add virtual lab section
-Suggestion was made to evaluate lab needs
-Suggestion was made for correlation between e-classrooms and labs

Next meeting:  2/22/08
Final discussion of rewrites of 5.1 Planning Alignment, 5.2 Policies and Issues, 5.3 Technology Funding
First review of 5.11 Mobile Computing Overview, 5.11.1 Wireless, 5.11.2 Mobile Devices, 5.12 Campus Card Services

Notes taken by- Sheila Landucci