Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 01/18/08

In attendance: Kristi Tornquist, Doug Polley,  Rich Josephson, Kristin Lyman, J.C. Turner, Mark Kotcho, Casey Wagner, Phil Thorson, Sara Grachek, George Fiedler, Mike Schamer, Clint Forseth, Balsy Kasi, Tom Hergert, Daryl Schulz, John Eggers

The meeting began with a review of section 5.18 of the Technology Plan.  A variety of suggestions regarding the overall Technology Plan were developed.

  1. Place on-line or otherwise make available proposed changes prior to the TLTR discussion so individuals can come prepared to discuss issues.
  2. Add an ‘Evaluation of goals’ section to each division of the report.  This would report on the previous goals and whether they were met.
  3. A question was raised regarding who the actual audience was for the Technology Plan.  This included concern for the level of details needed.  The Technology Plan probably serves multiple audiences.
  4. Goals listed in section 5.18 were very general and lacked measurable items.  It was suggested that multiple levels be developed with more general goals and more detailed and measurable objectives for each goal.  The plan could thus be more easily reviewed at the level of goals and only those with an interest in the details would need to review the objectives.
  5. Where appropriate the goals and objectives could call out areas for monitoring and reporting by LRTS and/or CIS.  The subsequent reports could be forwarded to relevant administrators, faculty committees and other units for their feedback. 
  6. It was felt that goals should focus on establishing minimum standards (as has been done in the past) rather than trying to attach actual dollar amounts to items. 


Kristi reported that new funding for the Office of the Chancellor will likely be forthcoming.  A process is being developed for creating proposals.


Next meeting:  Friday, January 25, at 1:00 in MC B18

Submitted by Doug Polley