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Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 12/07/07

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In attendance: Kristi Tornquist, Doug Polley,  Rich Josephson, Kristin Lyman, Mario Felix, J.C. Turner, Mark Kotcho, Casey Wagner, Marcus Pohl, Phil Thorson, Sara Grachek, George Fiedler, Michael Evans, Mike Schomer, Clint Forseth, Balsy Kasi, James Tan, Bob Lessinger


Casey & Phil reviewed the proposed schedule for introducing the Vista operating system.  The planned cutover date is May 2008.  There are some students with new hardware already using Vista.  There are some helpful features in the Vista system. 

Concerns included the fact that over 1,000 units on campus cannot run Vista.  There is some funding for replacement computers that will help but not eliminate this problem.  There are also some applications that will not run under Vista and some older peripheral devices that may need drivers. 

There appears to be some concern that computers in classrooms, faculty offices and student labs might end up on different operating systems and thus cause some confusion.  There was an indication that various groups could possibly carry more of this burden and the issue of whether this should be borne by the faculty or by students was raised. 

A vote was taken for preferences for cutover.  May 2008 received 9 votes, Jan. 2009 received 1 vote and May 2009 received 4 votes. 

There was a brief review of the plans for the Leopard (Apple) operating system.  There appears to be minimal interface changes between this new version and the previous version.  A vote to affirm the current (May 2008) cutover schedule received a strong majority. 

MS Exchange

This was not installed in the summer of 2007 as planned.  It is now set for Spring break 2009.  Outlook Web Access becomes more like full Outlook under this system.  The staff is very confident of this transition.

Technology Plan review

Section 5.18

Kristi noted that the background may need revision because there is now more dependence on wireless communication than in 2003. 

It is not clear how we distinguish network and bandwidth issues.  These often look the same to end users.  A review of the Evaluation section noted that we have not evaluated network quality and standards and that this impacts the ability to investigate further network features and functionality.  A funding model has been developed and funded.  A cost-benefit analysis comparing wireless to wired networks has not been completed.   A review of the funding structure is now underway.  Kristi recommended this portion of the plan be returned to Phil for a report and for further recommendations and revisions.

Section 5.19

The bandwidth is at capacity and we are waiting for additional capacity from the Office of the Chancellor (using the new funding they have received).  We are scheduled to receive an additional 30-50 Mbytes.  It is not clear how important Internet 2 with its associated needs will be.  Most people don’t know the benefits of Internet 2.  Kristi also indicated that this section should go back to Phil for further revisions.

Next meeting:  tentatively 1/18.

Notes taken by Doug Polley