Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

TLTR Notes for 09/07/07

In attendance: Kristi Tornquist, Doug Polley, Casey Wagner, John Weber, Randy Evans, Kelly Larson, Rich Josephson, Tom Hergert, Vicki Williams, Sara Grachek, Marcus Pohl, Phil Thorson, Ilya Yakovlev, Keith Ewing, Kristin Lyman, Ryan Meints, Mario Felix, J.C. Turner, Mark Kotcho, Valerie Knopp, Sue Bayerl

The focus of this meeting was the request for proposals for IT funding from the Office of the Chancellor.  SCSU’s share of the allocated funds comes to just over $550,000 per year for each of the two years in the biennium.  The Chancellor’s office specified eight categories that are available for IT projects. Submissions must be received by the Chancellor’s office by 9/30/07 which presents a major time constraint.  The categories for projects are:

  1. Network & data center modernization
  2. Security management
  3. Identity management
  4. Retooled administrative systems
  5. New technology architecture
  6. Student services & on-line learning
  7. Faculty research & development
  8. Workforce & business tools

The LRTS staff passed out 16 numbered proposals.  A total of 26 proposals have been identified but only 16 had detailed information so far.  (*= proposals with details)

  1. *Software licensing
  2. *Electronic classrooms maintenance & replacement
  3. *Server systems
  4. *Technical support
  5. *Content Management Systems
  6. *Faculty & staff computer replacement
  7. *New electronic classrooms
  8. *Data center modernization
  9. *D2L support
  10. *Student time clock
  11. *Portal
  12. Web-based communities
  13. *Database development
  14. *Customer relationship management system
  15. *RightNow FAQ
  16. *Electronic workflow with digital signatures
  17. *Remote access to software applications
  18. Purchase of StudentVoice
  19. Improvement to Campus Card System
  20. On-going improvements in Assisted Technology in Library for students with disabilities
  21. Increased bandwidth to improve services
  22. Presentation Systems & Computers for Atwood Meeting Rooms
  23. Upgrade of Present Promo TV to new technology
  24. Large screen outside digital display for campus
  25. Conversion to single entry web based campus ticket system
  26. Electronic portfolios


The software proposals include money to allow campus-wide licensing of some software now paid for by specific subunits.  This allows for economies and would potentially free up needed money in subunits.    In general terms, the money is intended for new initiatives.  Current proposals cover existing products but propose new, more cost efficient licensing and other smart purchases at the university level.

The money is currently available, but we need MnSCU approval before we can spend it.

There was a concern that licenses should allow faculty to utilize software on home-based or portable computers.  Kristi indicated that this is negotiated wherever possible. 

The initial budget submitted to MnSCU will be good estimates.  There will be an accounting on a yearly basis and, we expect, limited ability to move money between projects.

The TLTR has the opportunity to solicit submissions and it would be helpful for the TLTR to recommend priorities for the proposals submitted.  The final decision will be made at President’s Council.

There was concern expressed that faculty may not be well informed of the availability of this funding.  Kristi indicated she would take additional steps to disseminate information. 

Key dates:
                9/17 and 9/24 – President’s Council meetings
                9/20 -  FA Meet & Confer
                9/30 – to Chancellor’s office