Glossary - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University


Term   Definition
CIS-AdC   Center for Information Systems, also known as administrative computing services
COE   College of Education
COFAH   College of Fine Arts and Humanities
COSE   College of Science and Engineering
COSS   College of Social Sciences
CTUS   Computer and Technology User Services
Exchange   The brand name of the specific platform that provides e-mail, calendaring, and other related personal communication or personal productivity tools to the SCSU campus community.
GAs   Graduate assistants
GIS   Geographical Information System
IMS   See Instructional Management Software
Instructional Management Software   A software product or group of products (usually web-based) that work together to allow faculty to perform a variety of tasks, from publishing course material to tracking students' grades, in courses that are presented entirely or partially online.
Integrated Statewide Records System   The core information system for St. Cloud State University, developed and delivered from the Chancellor’s Office, Information Technology Services.
IP   Internet Protocol
ISRS   See Integrated Statewide Records System
IT   Information Technology
ITS   Information Technology Services
KPIs   Key Performance Indicators
LAN   Local Area Network
LR&TS   Learning Resources and Technology Services
MnSAT   Minnesota Satellite and Technology – Public agency to support satellite time for all state agencies.
MnSCU   Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Outlook   The software component on the desktop computer that supports electronic communication and collaboration. See Exchange.
PDA   Personal Data Assistant
ResNet   Residential Network – Ethernet in student residential halls
Resource 25   A software package, supplied to MnSCU institutions, designed to automate the scheduling of classrooms based on predefined parameters of classroom features and course requirements.
RFP   Request for Proposal
SAS   Statistical Analysis Software
SCSU   St. Cloud State University
SPSS   Statistical Program for Social Sciences (no longer used)
TCO   Total Cost of Ownership
Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable   The campus-wide group looking at technology issues as they relate to teaching, learning, and service.
TLTR   See Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable
TPR   Technology and Pedagogical Resources committee

A specific, commercial IMS application used at SCSU