5.2 Policies and Use Issues - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University


5.2 Policies and Use Issues


Current technology policies at SCSU include an assortment of practices and procedures with no centralized coordination. It's been unclear who enforces policies and how they are enforced. Therefore, the campus needs a coordinated strategy for technology use and enforcement.

This need for a coordinated strategy has been intensified by increased security concerns resulting from networked computers as well as by the current political climate (including legislation like the Data Privacy Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley [GLB] Act), which have increased the likelihood of subpoenas and other law enforcement involvement related to technology use and policies at SCSU. Therefore, the campus needs to determine what data is going to be retained concerning technology use and who is going to be responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing technology policies.

Campus departments/offices that need to be involved in developing this coordinated strategy include Learning Resources & Technology Services, the Center for Information Systems, Human Resources, Records and Registration, Student Life & Development, Residential Life, the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, and Public Safety. Off-campus entities that should be consulted during the formulation of these policies and procedures include MnSCU, the State Attorney General’s office, and outside vendors (i.e. dial-up providers like USLink


In the next five years, we should

  • develop a coordinated plan for reviewing and developing technology policies at SCSU
  • evaluate current SCSU technology policies
  • revise these policies as necessary
  • develop means of addressing cross-system communication so that policies can be implemented and enforced effectively across all affected areas
  • communicate to users all changes in policies, including enforcement procedures
  • implement new technology-use policies campus-wide

Specific Actions and Timeline

The Provost will establish an official working committee that includes representatives of all stakeholders. This committee will be charged with developing a plan to coordinate technology policies at SCSU. The committee will follow this schedule rather than the standard timeline for carrying out and reporting on specific actions:
  • By May 2004, this working committee will
    • compile existing SCSU policies
    • compile relevant federal and state laws and regulations as well as MnSCU policies
    • investigate successful models of technology policy implementation and enforcement and compare these models to SCSU policies
    • revise current policies and write new policies as needed
    • develop an ongoing means of policy review and development
  • present proposed changes to existing policies as well as new policies to the campus community for feedback and to the Provost, who will bring them to Meet & Confer.
  • By May 2005, the Provost will communicate to all affected areas (i.e. Human Resources, Records and Registration, etc.) approved policies so that these policies can be implemented.


Costs will primarily result from allocating employee time to developing technology use policies instead of to other projects. Once a clear plan is developed and approved, additional funds may be needed for hiring additional personnel to implement and enforce the policies.


  • Do we have a coordinated plan for reviewing and developing technology-use policies at SCSU?
  • Are existing policies reviewed on a three-year rotating cycle?
  • Are current policies revised and new policies developed as necessary?
  • Do we have a list of current issues concerning cross-system communication as well as a coordinated plan for addressing these issues?
  • In general, do stakeholders understand SCSU technology policies and have input into their review and development?
  • Are new campus policies communicated to and implemented by affected areas in a timely and effective manner?

Revised: May 2003