5.13 HuskyNet - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

5.13 HuskyNet


HuskyNet, short for Husky Network, debuted in the fall of 2001 as a one-stop technology resource for students, staff, and faculty at SCSU. HuskyNet is intended to be a dynamic virtual collection of technology services, many of which are accessible through a common username and password, and includes services such as e-mail, personal file and Web space, and course-related services.

The HuskyNet Working Group has addressed and resolved many of the early difficulties in implementing HuskyNet services. To further make HuskyNet an integral part of the technology picture for students, staff, and faculty, SCSU will need to coordinate and market the capabilities this system provides. Work must continue to address issues and proactively manage current and future HuskyNet services.


In the next five years, we should
  • evaluate current HuskyNet usage
  • incorporate the findings of the HuskyNet Working Group into future planning
  • develop procedures to ensure factual and consistent documentation for the HuskyNet system
  • investigate additional services that could be offered through HuskyNet
  • establish a common scheme for logging into local and remote applications (investigate single sign in)
  • ensure training at all levels — technologists, faculty, staff, and students — to prevent future difficulties
  • provide regular workshops that address current and future services

Specific Actions and Timeline

A committee comprised of the HuskyNet Working group will address the goals in this section. The committee will begin by reevaluating its membership to make sure that it remains inclusive.
  • The committee will follow the standard timeline (see 5.0) for carrying out and reporting on specific actions necessary to accomplish the goals for HuskyNet in this part of the technology plan.
  • The committee should draw heavily on the previous work of the HuskyNet Working Group for an understanding of the current situation and potential future use of HuskyNet as a one-stop technology resource for SCSU.
  • The committee will gain insight regarding pitfalls and potential of HuskyNet by various means: surveys, focus groups, open meetings, etc.


  • Has the committee evaluated HuskyNet usage?
  • Has the committee incorporated the findings of the HuskyNet Working Group into its analysis and future planning?
  • Has the committee developed recommendations to make HuskyNet the one-stop technology resource initially envisioned?
  • Has the committee established a common scheme for logging into local and remote applications?
  • Has the committee provide recommendations related to cross-campus training of all stakeholders?
  • Has the committee provided regular workshops to address current and future HuskyNet services?
  • Has the committee submitted a final report during academic year 2007/2008?
  • Has the committee developed recommendations for the next technology planning cycle?

Revised: May 2003