5.1 Planning Alignment - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University


5.1 Planning Alignment


Technology planning must incorporate the mission, vision, and goals of the organization and its stakeholders. Therefore, the planning framework described in 5.0 requires contributions from a variety of stakeholders across campus. TLTR will assist in soliciting expertise from within the committee itself and from the university community as a whole. The goal is to ensure that TLTR committee composition represents the best SCSU has to offer as related to technology planning. In this way, technology planning will not take place in a vacuum.

A number of planning documents have a technology component, and it is essential that work from this Technology Master Plan align with other planning documents ranging from the departmental/program level to MnSCU. More specifically, the internal and external framework and context of technology planning must consider departmental and college strategic plans, SCSU’s strategic plan, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) strategic plan, the Chancellor’s work plans, the SCSU President’s work plans, and SCSU’s Facilities Master Plan. In addition, SCSU’s technology planning needs to be framed within MnSCU information technology planning efforts.

Since members of TLTR also serve on other planning committees at various levels, TLTR represents a conduit to ensure communication and alignment among these planning committees. TLTR’s role is to keep apprised of committee findings and the work of other planning groups to ensure on-going communications and alignment concerning information and computer technology.


To assure alignment with system, campus, college, and departmental technology goals, in the next five years, SCSU will:
  • review annually any changes to the MnSCU strategic plan, the SCSU strategic plan, the Chancellor’s work plan, the SCSU President’s work plan, and college and departmental plans
  • provide SCSU technology planning committees with information on these plans to inform their discussions
  • offer feedback regarding technology initiatives as these plans are developed.

Specific Actions and Timeline

TLTR will be a conduit for broad technology planning alignment. The following actions will not adhere to the standard timeline but will occur as appropriate:

  • TLTR will review all system and campus plans as they are made available. Committee referrals will be made through TLTR as appropriate.
  • TLTR will proactively provide input into the process for system and campus plans in a timely manner to meet guidelines.


Time will be the primary resource invested in this enterprise. Both the Dean of LR&TS and the Director of CIS-AdC will need to be involved as appropriate.


  • Are changes to plans reviewed annually?
  • Are SCSU technology planning committees fully informed of technology plans relevant to their work?
  • Is SCSU providing input in the MnSCU technology planning process?
  • Is TLTR providing input in the SCSU technology planning process?

Revised: May 2003