4.0 Technology Definition - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

4.0 Technology Definition

For practical purposes, technology in this document means electronic communication and information technology. Conceptually, technology is very complex and difficult to define, but most people today think of computers as technology, and what they mean by "computers" is the machine, its software, its connections to the Internet, and the Internet itself.

In this report, what we mean by technology comprises

  • computer hardware and software, including
    • personal computers
    • minicomputers and servers
    • printers, monitors, specialized drives, and so on
    • operating systems, communication and productivity software
  • communication hardware and software
  • networking hardware and software

as well as

  • discipline-specific equipment
  • computer classrooms and labs
  • electronic classrooms
  • telephones
  • satellite systems

Revised: May 2003