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Student Life, Growth and Development


  • All SCSU students must have access to a choice of standard hardware platforms and software.
  • SCSU will make available one computer, in both open and closed labs, for every ten students.

Multiple computer hardware platforms will be available to SCSU students, as well as a standard set of software applications. Some students may be required to have more extensive hardware and/or software, depending upon their major. Any individual student may achieve access in any of the following ways: purchase; lease; use of equipment owned by a friend, family member, or roommate; use of residence-hall equipment; or use of campus lab equipment.

While any student attending SCSU will be able to meet all required technological competencies without having to acquire a computer, those students desiring their own computer will be able to lease or purchase one. The personal computer available from the university will meet university-wide minimum standards and the student using a personal computer will be able to access university resources. (The arguments for and against the idea of a "laptop university" are overviewed in Appendix 4: The Pros and Cons of a Laptop University.)

Computers for student use will be made available across campus. All equipment for student use will meet a minimum hardware and software standard to assure compatibility and provide access to all campus resources.

Ten computer kiosks available for student use will be located across campus in highly visible and accessible buildings. These kiosks will make information that students often require -- like maps, locations, schedules, calendars of events -- easy to access and use.