Background - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University


Recent technological developments in the workplace require universities everywhere to reevaluate the role of technology. The external forces created by the convergence of the electronic and telecommunications industries are generating a need for change in how work is conducted in higher education. Even though the external forces of change are primarily fueled by technology, the success or failure of technology in the educational setting will be dependent on how well-prepared faculty, students and staff are in the use of emerging teaching/learning technologies.

The accelerating rate of technological change in the world outside the walls of the academy makes the establishment of a Technology Plan doubly important. The University's effort to become more accessible to its community needs to be tempered by the concerns of the many constituents and the complexities of a comprehensive university. (Appendix 17: TLTR Background describes the TLTR group and its attempts to provide a forum for all the university's constituent groups.)

The TLTR understands that the physical aspects of the technology will need to be managed and that all people involved in the application of the technology in higher education will need to have access to appropriate technology-based professional development opportunities. Additionally, a willingness to thoughtfully apply technology to the teaching/learning process needs to be nurtured and rewarded.

The TLTR supports SCSU's strategic goal to achieve leadership in communications and information technology in instruction and administration. Meeting the spirit and the letter of this goal in the SCSU Strategic Plan depends on the coordinated efforts of all University constituents. The TLTR Plan will help us identify the services to be provided for the campus community as well as the system capacities required to deliver them. Professional development opportunities have been included for all users. System maintenance goals are outlined along with some options for end user equipment acquisition. Support staff needs are addressed and overall cost and development priorities are listed. Recommendations relative to user feedback and administrative responsibilities are provided where appropriate. The TLTR believes that the implementation of this Technology Plan will provide the impetus to successfully integrate technology into the teaching/learning process at SCSU.