Appendix 6: Technology-based Research Information - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Appendix 6: Technology-based Research Information


There should be no constraints within legal limits (privacy and license) to category or type; should include access to digital resources (monographs, serials, research publications and raw data sets), administrative information on/for individuals (authenticated access to registration, academic records, personnel files) and curriculum information (including university bulletins, individual course curricula/syllabi/resources); the university should impose no restrictions to information access beyond those specified in state and federal laws.


There should be no constraints on time or place or platform for electronic access; that is, no special hardware or software requirements should be imposed beyond that required by license agreements; there should be no discernible difference between the quality or ease of on-campus and off-campus access to or delivery of information resources; technology should be in place to support both asynchronous (any time, anyplace) and synchronous (real time, any place) communication.

Students and faculty should have unimpeded access to a full range of technology-based research information, understood to include "library research" resources (library catalogs, discipline-based indexes, serials, monographs, government publications, digital video and still images) delivered in digital formats and locally produced and disseminated research resources (including institutional research and locally developed and produced research and data sets). While many resources should be available online without need for special hardware or software, many could be stored "in-line" (that is, mounted at the request of a particular user; such might include specialized data sets). When special software is required, it should be readily available with a "push" application or other easily facilitated means. Some kinds of special hardware should be available in open access labs. Access to many of these resources may be limited by copyright and/or licensing to access and use by faculty, students and staff by authentication or community users from on-campus terminals.