Appendix 13: Assessing SCSU's TLTR Plan - Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable - St. Cloud State University

Appendix 13: Assessing SCSU's TLTR Plan

Assessment is important with any university initiative. Given the financial and personnel commitment that new technologies require, it is vital to know if the time and money spent have produced any positive outcomes for instruction (Does it improve student learning?) or the institution (Does it increase enrollment or enhance educational reputation?).

Below is a list of assessment tools to help address this issue:

  • documentation of course content and curricular materials that demonstrate integration of the technology into pre-existing courses
  • documentation of new courses and curricular materials that use technology in essential and well-thought-out ways
  • documentation of integration of technology in portfolio or academic assessment plans
  • documentation of changes in quality, quantity, type or structure of information available to the university community
  • departmental-level statement articulating the role of technology
  • university-level statement articulating the role of technology in teaching and learning
  • a study of the effects of increased involvement in technology on faculty
  • a study of student reaction to the effectiveness of technology in relation to classroom goals
  • a study of faculty satisfaction and effectiveness in relation to reaching course goals and objectives
  • research on impact of technology on teaching and learning in the classroom