Appendix 1: Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable Members

King Banaian, Associate Professor of Economics
John Berling, Director of Technology Planning
Robert Bixby, Professor of Geography
Scott Buesgens, Student, BCIS, Student Government Association, Student Representative Assembly
Ed Bouffard, Assistant Director, Operations, Atwood Center
Sharon Cogdill, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts and Humanities
David DeGroote, Professor of Biological Sciences
Marlene DeVoe, Associate Professor of Psychology
Randy Evans, Technical Support Services, Learning Resources & Technology Services
Keith Ewing, Professor of Information Media
Curtis Ghylin, Director, Administrative Computer Services
Debra Japp, Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Harlan Jensen, Associate Professor of Information Media
Richard Josephson, Professor of Information Media
Philip Keith, Professor of English
Randy Kolb, Director, Academic Computer Services, Learning Resources & Technology Services
Patricia Lipetzky, Associate Dean, Center for Continuing Studies
Denise McGuire, Professor of Biological Sciences
Joane McKay, Dean, College of Education
Pamela Mattick, Professor of Child and Family Studies
Ruth Meyer, Professor of Business Computer Information Systems
Al-Hassan Musah, Dean, College of Science and Engineering
Joseph Opatz, Special Assistant to the President
James Pehler, President, SCSU Faculty Association
Katherine Pesola, Student, Business, Student Government Association
Roseanna Ross, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence
Gordon Schrank, Professor of Biological Sciences
Roland Specht Jarvis, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Humanities
Gretchen Starks-Martin, Associate Professor of Counseling and Related Services
Rubin Stenseng, Administrative Computer Services
Philip Thorson, Technical Support Services, Learning Resources & Technology Services
Kristi Tornquist, Dean, Learning Resources & Technology Services
Leslie Valdes, Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences