The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey

by: Slawomir Mrozek
Directed by: Vladimir Rovinsky
Scenic and Lighting design: David R. Borron
Costume design: Carol Cooley

February 24 - March 1
Performing Arts Center –Center Stage

One day, the peaceful flow of life for the quite average family of Peter Ohey is suddenly interrupted with astonishing news: there is a tiger living in their bathroom! This discovery propels the plot of "The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey" by Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek. What will the government do now? How will the news effect the family's taxes? Could the tiger help to fix foreign policy problems? And most importantly: Who will die in the end?







Peter Ohey - Gabriel Sanchez
Mrs. Ohey - Christina Vinkemeier
Johnny Ohey - Catherine Fennig
Hubert Ohey / Teacher - David de los Santos
Daughter - Amber Imdieke
Official - Amy Drydahl
Tax Collector - Christian La Bissoniere
Scientist - Bjorn Anderson
Circus Manager - Ashley Hall
Foreign Office Official - Jessica Smith
Old Hunter - Hector Chavarria


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