The Country Wife

by: William Wycherley
Directed by: Brenda Wentworth
Scenic Design: Walter Napiorkowski
Lighting Design: Steven Peterson

November 18 – 23
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

This rollicking social satire is filled with innuendos, double entendres, and sexual references. A naive "country wife" is taught wild city ways by a group of immoral city "wits." Impious tricks, secret rendezvous, and sparkling dialogue keep this sexy romp galloping to its riotous conclusion.






Mr. Horner - Chris Lindahl
Mr. Harcourt - Matthew "Earl" Earley
Mr. Dorilant - Jermaine Wiley
Mr. Pinchwife - Eli Ebb
Mr. Sparkish - Adam Lesar
Sir Jaspar Fidget - Brandon Kasper
Mrs. Margery Pinchwife - Ashley Morris
Miss Alithea - Erin Fitzke
My Lady Fidget - Anna Giesen
Miss Dainty Fidget - Stacy Schultz
Miss Squeamish - Kelly Kremer
Old Lady Squeamish - Andrea Olthoff
A Quack - Grant E. Merges
Lucy - Lacy Habdas
Boy - Jeff Johnston

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