The Beatings Will Continue until Morale Improves

A Commedia dell'Arte Creation
Directed by: Brenda Wentworth

November 13 –18
Performing Arts Center – Arena Stage

Find out how slapstick comedy got its name! See outraheously funny, improvisational skits! Discover lazzi, zanni, and innamorati! Many of the "stock" characters we see in today's television sitcoms originated in this comedic format. Everyone who enjoys physical beatings, scatological humor, and intemperate lechers will have a great time!


Columbine - Tracy Bergsholm
Pantalone - Jason Dressen
Capitano - Eli Ebb
Lelio - Adam Lesar
Harlequin - Jon Lundberg
Isabella - Jenny Pugh
Hugh - Hugh G. Rection

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