The Adding Machine

by: Elmer L. Rice
Directed and Designed by: David R. Borron

April 24 –29
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

In The Adding Machine all human souls are recycled. With each life on earth some souls improve, some remain constant, and others degenerate. The anti-hero of this drama, Mr. Zero, is one of the latter. His destiny is to exist eternally in the mundane, uneducated lower-class world. Why does he go on? Find out by attending Elmer Rice's expressionistic look at modern society.







Mr. Zero - Eero Lane
Mrs. Zero - Allison True
Daisy Devore - Hanni Baugh
The Boss - Alex Cuadros
Mrs. One - Meg Jahns
Mr. One - Nicolas Steffens
Mrs. Two - Catherine Hansen
Mr. Two - Jonathan Isenor
Mrs. Three - Nicole Thompson
Mr. Three - Tyler Feteck
Mrs. Four - Page Harder
Mr. Four - Rick Kasulis
Mrs. Five - Bethany Johnson
Mr. Five - Jason Dresson
Mrs. Six - Sunflower Haedt
Mr. Six - Scott Davis
Policeman - Kien Kiong Yeo
Judy O'Grady - Sandra Johnson
Young Man - Trevor Watkins
Shrdlu - Thomas Rohde
Charles - Josh Wise
Joe - Jermaine Wiley

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