Search and Destroy

by: Howard Korder
Directed by: Eero Laine

February 25 – 28, March 1 - 2
Performing Arts Center – Arena Stage

Martin Merkheim owes the state of Florida $37,956 in back taxes and he doesn't seem to mind. He wants to do something important, something real, something lasting... He wants to be a movie producer. Howard Korder (Pulitzer Prize nominee) has written a twisted and darkly comical view of modern American society. Set in the early 90s and in various locales, Search and Destroy is sure to stimulate, shock, and even entertain with its biting dialogue, large host of characters and fast paced scenes. (Adult content)


Martin Merkheim - Jay A. Terry
Accountant/Dr. Luther Waxling/Carling - Chris Lindahl
Lauren/Jackie - LaTasha Hamann
Robert/Ron - Colin Markowitz
Kim Feston - Jonathan Isenor
Marie/Terry - Allison True
Roger/State Trooper - John Winscher
Hotel Clerk/Lee - Brian Chmiel
Security Guard/Nunez - Jermaine Wiley
Bus Driver/Pamfilo - Rafael Lourenco
Radio Announcer - Shireen Ghorbani

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