Theatre Program

Romeo and Juliet

by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Brenda Wentworth
Scenic and Lighting Design: David R. Borron
Costume Design: Jeffrey Bleam

November 14 - 19
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

Shakespeare's romantic tragedy remains one of the most popular love stories of all time. The classic tale of the passionate clash between two families is mirrored in the passionate love of the two young people who cannot find a peaceful solution to their families' passions. All plans go awry for both the Montagues and the Capulets and peace is bought at a terrible price. This touching story still hits us all with the sad waste of the lives of two youths with so much promise.



Romeo - Tyler Fetzek
Montague - Doug Grade
Lady Montague - Krystal Kasulis
Benvolio - Ben Sailer
Balthasar - Benjamin Anderson
Juliet - Krista Larson
Capulet - R. Bruce Hyde
Lady Capulet - Amy Carlson
Nurse - Hector Chavarria
Tybalt - Adam Lesar
Petruchio - Michelle Haugerud
Sampson/Abram - Aksel Krafnick
Gregory - Michelle Makie
Peter - Brandon Raper
Prince of Verona - Paul Joachim
Paris - Timothy Pierce
Page - Hend Sonbol
Mercutio - Jay Terry
Friar Lawrence - John Larson
Friar John - Brad Scarp
Watchman - Travis Cutshaw
Citizens of Verona - Stephanie Gillis, Faith Lundgren, Asahi Okuno, Nikki Hamlin

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