Playboy of the Western World

by: J.M. Synge
Directed by: David R. Borron

March 2 – 7
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

Christopher Mahon, a meek young farmer, has killed his abusive father and is on the run from the law, or so he thinks. When he stumbles into a small country pub and tells his tale, the locals treat him like a hero; women fall in love with him, men fear him, and he begins to believe that he is indeed a hero. When his not-so-dead father enters, the fun begins. J.M. Synge's classic Irish comedy opened in 1904 and is still entertaining and pertinent for today's audience.


Pegeen Mike - Alisha "Lacy" Habdas
Shawn Keogh - Jay A. Terry
Michael James - Matthew "Earl" Earley
Philly Cullen - Adam Lesar
Jimmy Farrell - Cody Bolinske
Christopher Mahon - Jonathan Isenor
Widow Quin - Andrea Jensen
Sara Tansey - Ashley Morris
Susan Brady - Stacy Schultz
Honor Blake - Samantha Brix
Nellie O'Casey - Andrea Olthoff
Old Mahon - Eric Lommel
Peasant - Robert Becka

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