by: Aristophanes
Translated by: Donald Sutherland
Directed by: Brenda Wentworth
Scenic and Lighting Design: David R. Borron
Costume Design: Jane Victor

November 19 – 24
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

The Greeks had a name for it! The women of Athens and Sparta unite to end the war between their cities by enforcing sexual abstinance. The result is hilarious as both genders try to get around the ban. One of the most biting satires in history against war, this rollicking comedy pulls out all the stops.







Lysistrata - Shireen Ghorbani
Kalonike - Kashimana Ahua
Myrrhina - Kara Kelley
Lampito - Tracy Bergsholm
Theban Woman - Elisabeth Brekke
Corinthian Woman - Rachel Burdick
Marsh Woman - Sian Stetina
Harmony - Katie Chase
Lady Cop - Anna Giesen
Cinesias - Colin Markowitz
Police Commisioner - Jonathan Isenor
Spartan Official - Eero Laine
Athenian Official - Chris Brama
Spartan Ambassador - Derek Hanson
Athenian Ambassador - Erick Zamora
Policeman #1 - Travis Barstad
Policeman #2 - Anna Giesen
Manes - Joseph Krueger

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