Theatre Program

Into The Woods

Directed by: Jeffrey R. Bleam
Musical Direction by: Hugh Givens
Scenic and Lighting Design: David R. Borron
Costume Design: Jeffrey Bleam*

*Recipient, KCACTF Certificate of Merit

February 20-25
Performing Arts Center – Center Stage

In the first half of this musical journey, Sondheim and Lapine take familiar characters from traditional fairy tales and intertwine their stories through chance encounters in the forest. The second half follows these characters beyond "happily ever after." There, united on a common quest, they re-enter the woods where they must either work together or perish apart. Using children's stories, Sondheim and Lapine have crafted an intricate and delicate parable for grown-ups. As wry and whimsical as it is tragic, the Woods explores the complexities of love, loss, self-discovery and parenting. "Careful the tale you tell… children will listen."

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Narrator - Margaret Ireland
Baker - Ben Thompson
Baker's Wife - Sheena Janson
Little Red Ridinghood - Amy Carlson
The Witch - Andrea Olthoff
Jack - Joshua Swantz
Jack's Mother - Stephanie Gillis
Cinderella - Lara Richardson
Cinderella's Stepmother - Danielle Mueller
Florinda - Kristie Hauger
Lucinda - Katlyn Carson
Cinderella's Father - Eric Lommel
Cinderella's Prince/Wolf - Jay Terry
Steward - Johnny Packard
Rapunzel's Prince - Nathan Jacobson
Rapunzel/Cinderella's Mother (voice) - Ria Carpenter
Mysterious Man - Bjorn Anderson
Granny/Giant/Baby/Cinderella's Mother (body) - Krystal Kasulis

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