Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead

by: Bert V. Royal
Directed by: Jeffrey Bleam
Scenic design: Carol Cooley
Lighting design: Adam Raine
Costume design: Jeffrey Bleam

November 17 - 22
Center Stage

Good Grief! The “Peanuts” gang has made it to High School and the world is no less cruel. The gruesome death of a boy’s pet beagle is one more crummy event in a life gone sour: his best friend’s a stoner, his sister’s gone Goth, and his ex-girlfriend has been institutionalized. Teen angst, peer pressure, and forbidden passion collide in this hauntingly relevant comedy for the 21st century.


Dog 1


Dog 2


Dog 3

Dog 4

Dog 5


CB - Benjamin Kaufman
CB's Sister - Amy Dyrdahl
Van - Kyle Grant
Van's Sister - Bailey Hess
Tricia - Laura Walus
Marcy - Breann Thorne
Matt - Daniel Hoffman
Beethoven - Bjorn Anderson


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