Death of the Maiden

by: Ariel Dorfman
Directed by: Brenda Wentworth
Scenic design: David R. Borron
Lighting design: Adam Raine
Costume design: Jeffrey Bleam

October 19–21
October 26-28

Performing Arts Center – Arena Stage

Set in an unnamed country (which is not unlike the author's own native Chile), Death and the Maiden is a psychological thriller about a woman, Paulina, who believes that a stranger who accidentally arrives at her home is the same man who, under a previous military dictatorship, tortured and raped her many years ago. When the tables are turned between victim and oppressor, Paulina's husband (and the audience) must choose sides between Paulina's certainty and the stranger's proclaimed innocence, forcing difficult decisions on the natures of morality, justice, and revenge.

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Paulina - Amber McGuire
Gerardo - Jay Terry
Roberto - Tyler Fetzek

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