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Poison Sugar: Japanese Kyogen Comedy with an American Twist

St. Cloud State University is proud to offer for tour a Japanese kyogen (pronounced kee-YOH-gun) theatre production: Poison Sugar: Japanese Kyogen Comedy with an American Twist. These short comic interludes were introduced into traditional Japanese Noh theatre to provide a relief from the slow-moving, serious, masked drama of the Noh plays.Kyogen Info Picture

This is an exciting opportunity to see a
unique form of theatre that has been
modernized and updated to be accessible to public school attendees.

It can be performed in almost any place:
in a classroom, an auditorium, a gym or cafeteria. We have three Kyogen plays to offer: "Poison Sugar, or Busu," "The Washing River, or the List," and "Tied to a pole, or Sake on a Stick." Each play is about 15 minutes long. The actors would be happy to answer questions or talk about kyogen afterward.

We offer this comic performance for free to introduce students to a form of theatre rarely seen outside of Japan. The company comes with all costumes and props. Kyogen uses few props and no set. We have three Japanese-like screens to delineate a "playing space." Sound effects are made by the actors using the Japanese convention of made up onomatopoeia.

If you would like to have this hilarious, slapstick comedy performed for your school or area, please complete the request form and send to the address listed below.


Brenda Wentworth, PhD
Department of Theatre and Film Studies
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301






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